Prints of the Photographs

Many visitors to 'Missing' have inquired about purchasing the photographs that complement the exhibition of fliers. While the actual photographs on display are not for sale, Bronston Jones has agreed to make certain prints available for a contribution to Mesoamerica. These donations will be used to defray the costs associated with the tour of this tribute.

8x10 Photo Prints:

Each of the images below is available in an 8"x10" print for a donation of $25.00. The complete set of five images is available for a $100 donation. For an enlarged view and description click on images below.

16x20 Poster:

This commemorative poster of America Weeps is available for a donation of $15.00

For an enlarged view and description click here.

Image No of Copies at Donation Amount  
NYU Medical Center Wall (8x10) ____________ $25.00 _________________  
America Weeps (8x10) ____________ $25.00 _________________  
Praying at Armory Wall (8x10) ____________ $25.00 _________________  
Times Square Subway (8x10) ____________ $25.00 _________________  
Ray's (8x10) ____________ $25.00 _________________  
Set of Five (8x10) ____________ $100.00 _________________  
Poster: America Weeps (16x20) ____________


Donation includes shipping & handling. Grand Total: _________________
Name: ___________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________________________________
Please print and include this form with check or money order to:
Mesoamerica Foundation
P.O. Box 140681
Coral Gables, FL 33114-0681
Thank you for your support.        

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all images copyright 2001, bronston jones, all rights reserved